Louise-Otto-Peters-Gesellschaft e.V.

"Indeed, it is time to renounce egoism and follow no other laws or rules of wisdom than those of humanity!"

Louise Otto: Zur Judenfrage. Ein Wort zur Versöhnung.
In: Der Volksfreund. Sächsische Blätter für alle Interessen des Volkes, Nr. 8, 1848.


The Louise-Otto-Peters-Society e. V. was founded in January 1993 in Leipzig with the aim of publicizing and paying tribute to the life and work of the poet, journalist, 1848th Democrat and women's politician Louise Otto-Peters (1819-1895).

The Louise-Otto-Peters-Archive, founded in 1997, collects and catalogues all publications by Louise Otto-Peters and about them. At the annual “Louise-Otto-Peters-Days” and other events, research results on Louise Otto-Peters and other important women are presented as well as the problems of today's women are discussed. Attention is also paid to the versatile literary work of Louise Otto and her relationships to personalities of her time.

The non-profit organization has around 100 members – from different federal states as well as from abroad. In addition, there is a large sympathizer circle. In the series "LOUISEum - Collections and Publications of the Louise-Otto-Peters-Society e.V." edited by our society have been released 38 publications so far. Also much noticed exhibitions arose. Louise-Otto-Peters-walks and city tours about the history of women create places of remembrance of our namesake and to her fellow activists. The preservation and maintenance of these memorials is the focus of society as well as the generation of new places of remembrance.

The Louise-Otto-Peters-Society e.V. maintains relationships with other democratically minded groups, initiatives and individuals that are aligned with our goals. The society is a member of the Landesfrauenrat Sachsen e.V. (Saxon Women's Council); in the
i.d.a.-Dachverband (umbrella organization of the German-speaking women's and lesbian archives in Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland); Miss Marples Schwestern (Network for tracing women's history in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and in the AG Frauenprojekte Leipzig (Women's Projects Consortium). Furthermore, the Louise-Otto-Peters-Society e.V. is involved in the development of the Digitales Deutsches Frauenarchiv (Digital German Women's Archive).

The Louise-Otto-Peters-Society e.V. is funded by the Referat für Gleichstellung von Frau und Mann der Stadt Leipzig (Department for Gender Equality of the City of Leipzig).